Xceleration Services

Strategy & Business Plans

  1. Identifying and entering new markets
  2. Developing business plans for new businesses or product offerings
  3. Creating H3 products in an H1 world
  4. Identifying growth opportunities

Innovation & Product Management

  1. Building products customers value
  2. Achieving product market fit
  3. 'How to' Lean Startup experiments
  4. Understanding and using 'Jobs to be Done'
  5. Leveraging open innovation
  6. Using data to drive decisions
  7. Getting voice of the customer
  8. Creating roadmaps
  9. Teaching best practices
  10. Acting 'product manager or product management leader' for hire

Marketing & Growth Services

  1. Creating value propositions
  2. Developing marketing strategy and  go-to-market programs
  3. Creating marketing collateral and sales tools (websites, brochures, presentations, email. . .)
  4. Developing demand generation  programs
  5. Identifying and establishing business development opportunities and partners
  6. Acting 'marketing, product marketing or CMO' for hire


Website Creation, Development, Maintenance


Technology Consulting & Due Dilgence


Technology Research & Feasibility


Software Development